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Back in the summer of 2020 we tried to keep the culture of the program going by releasing daily content on our website.  All of this content is stored below.

*Side note, PFP stands for The Panorama Farms Project, our running club that has current athletes, alumni, coaches, and even parents as members.

Weekly Schedule of Articles:


  • Monday: Weekly running log from an Albemarle runner.  This can be a current athlete or even an alumni.

  • Tuesday: Article on Albemarle History

  • Wednesday: Top 5 running...Topic can be whatever author desires!

  • Thursday: Personal running reflection.  This is wide open and will allow us to learn from each other's experiences.

  • Friday: Top 3 races...Can be personal races, Olympic races, cross country races, NCAA races, etc.  This will be up to the author's imagination!

  • Saturday: Off

  • Sunday: Coach Podcast.  We will discuss the purpose of the training for the week and give a weekly tip.




Albemarle History Lesson #9: A Season Through Email Updates, Vol. 1-3

Over the past 3 seasons, I have sent out updates to our alumni after each race.  This has become known as the Panorama Farms Project Newsletter.  I had compiled the 2017 and 2018 newsletters into one document, but for some reason had not done it for the 2019 season.  Well here it is. 

I know that some of this might be hard to read as we aren’t having a season right now, and it’s a reminder of what we could be doing.  But for me, I love remembering the times we have had.  It’s a reminder of how proud I am to say I am a part of this program and what you boys have made it.  And more than anything, it’s a reminder of the lessons we have learned away that can be applied in all aspects of life.  This sport is amazing and we will be back!  The hard work this fall will pay off!

Click link to read updates!


Running Log #9: Ninaad Kundu

I'm super excited for this log.  Ninaad is a rising senior on our team and he has been working hard since practice abruptly ended last March.  I think it's safe to say that he is fitter than he has ever been.  One of the big things Ninaad has been focusing on is chronic shin splints and he discusses this in his log below.  

Super pumped for Ninaad to stay healthy and push his fitness to new levels!

Click link to read log!


The PFP Pod: Sunday Edition #9

In this edition, we discuss:

  • The training for the week + our training

    • Mileage, long runs, workouts, hill sprints, core should all be progressing.

    • We are doing two new workouts this week, so we discuss these in detail.

      • Wednesday we are doing 5 to 8 x 45 second reps at 5k effort .  You will take 90 second rest after each one. 

      • ​Saturday will be our first Rev.  This time you, guys will be doing 15 to 30 minutes.  It is completely continuous.  The goal is to start at a moderate pace and you should get faster the whole time. 

  • Make sure to sign up for a slot so we can catch up through Zoom.  If you can't make one of these times, let me know.

  • The King of the Mountain Challenge winners will be announced at Wednesday's Zoom.

  • Our weekly Zoom meetings this Wednesday will be at 8 pm


Top 3...Running Announcing Moments

Great announcing can truly take a race to the next level. It brings an element of electricity, a level of unbridled joy for competition, that can make you even more invested. Here are my top 3 announcing moments in track and field. 

Click link to read Coach Alba-Cantone's List!


Personal Running Reflection with Evan Burns

For this week's personal running reflection I interviewed Evan Burns (Burnsie), class of 2019.  This might be my favorite interview yet and is a must listen for every boy on the team.  Burnsie's first 5k at Albemarle was a 31:04 and by the end of senior year he had run 16:55 and 9:52 for 3200m.  It's the biggest improvement I have ever seen in the sport.  This was a gradual improvement over the course of his 4 years at Albemarle, and what made this journey so special for Burnsie was the ups and downs he had to deal with to get there.  It was far from a smooth journey.  From a femural stress fractures to a torn meniscus to being an alternate at 2 state cross country meets, Burnsie had his fair share of heartbreak and disappointments.  And with each of these heartbreaks, he came back stronger, physically and mentally.

Click link to listen to a deep dive in Burnsie's career at Albemarle and how he was able to improve that 14 minutes and 9 seconds


Top 5...Men's 5,000 Meter Races of All Time

This is a quick but good one.  Here are what I consider the top five Men's 5000 meter races of all time.  The great thing about the 5000 meter is that there are endless amount of great 5000 meter races, so if you ask someone else their list would be completely different.

Click link to watch my list


History Lesson #8: What Can Happen When You Go All In

This week's history lesson ​is slightly different than recent ones.  In a sense, I'm giving all of you a sales pitch for our program.  I’m showing what can happen if you go all in to the program and everything it encompasses. It's been a fun ride over the last 5 years seeing how the boys have continued to progress and push what we believed was possible as a team.  They have accomplished some truly special things.  But, if you ask any of them, this did not happen by accident.  It happened by complete buy into everything discussed in our responsibilities.


In this article, I've listed a few things the boys have accomplished over the last few years.


Running Log #8: Matthew Baxter Diary

This weeks' log is a much different format than the previous installments.  It's a 49 page pdf.  A diary of the entire 2017 season of NAU's top man and #2 runner in the NCAA, Matthew Baxter.  It's unique to get this much insight into a top runner's cross country season, but what isn't unique is the ups and downs that Matthew details in these 49 pages.  If you run cross country, you can relate to the feelings Matt has.   

It's funny, as I read this, I think about the season of our top guys last season as they were trying to dominate the 5A classification like NAU was trying to dominate the NCAA.  They seem so similar, especially in how Matthew gained strength from his teammates.  


The PFP Pod: Sunday Edition #8

Here's the weekly Sunday Update Podcast.  In this edition, we discuss:

  • The training for the week + our training

    • Mileage, long runs, workouts, hill sprints, core should all be progressing.

    • We are starting critical velocity reps, so we discuss these in detail.

    • We are starting 30 second hill runs!

    • ​I will be sending out measured  800 lops around Darden Towe if you want a change of pace for your workout.​

    • Heat!  Please be smart and careful​

  • The King of the Mountain Challenge and all it's updates (Garmin is down!!)

  • Our weekly Zoom meetings this Wednesday will be at 8 pm

  • Thanks to everyone who has been contributing articles to the website!  We've had 18 current athletes/alumni.  We need more!

Click link to listen!


Top 3 Races...Marathons

This might be a controversial list because it doesn't have any Eluid Kipchoge races on it or any world record performances, but that's for a reason.  For me, nothing is better than 26 miles of straight racing and that's what these 3 races are.  They include surges, big moves, and runners who are digging down to levels they never thought possible.  It's really what marathoning is all about and why I love watching it so much!

Click link to read list!


Personal Running Reflection with Coach Resnick

We are soo lucky to have assistant coaches that are in love with the sport and everything about it.  This week's personal running reflection comes from Coach Resnick.  I don't think I know a single person more obsessed with this sport than Coach Resnick.  It's infectious and we are so lucky to have him!

Click link to read the reflection!


Top 5...Things we look forward to in running

With Coach Alba-Cantone, Coach Lorenzoni, and Coach Resnick!

This week we interviewed ourselves!  We discussed our top 5 things we look forward to in the running world.  We kind of looked at this from different views but we had a lot of fun discussing our own separate lists.  We tried to avoid putting Albemarle things on our lists as they would end up making up the whole list. Hope you enjoy the listen!

Click link to Listen!


History Lesson #7: Alec Lorenzoni

This interview was a really fun one for us.  Alec, my brother, was the man behind the scenes from 2008 to 2013.  He was an assistant at Albemarle during this time having a huge part in the success of the famous 4x800m and runners like Adam Visokay.  For me personally, I don't think any person has had a bigger impact on my life.  He is the person that convinced me to coach at Albemarle instead of Western.

In this interview, Alec gives his background in the sport, including an inside look into his time running at UVA.  We get a super inside look into the culture of the 4x800m and how Zach, Luke, Anthony, and Garrett were the perfect group for each other.  Alec then discusses the success of athletes like Adam Visokay.  We also get an inside look into his coaching philosophy. This is worth the listen! 


Running Log #7: Harris Naseh

Harris, a 2020 graduate of Albemarle, is one of the all time leaders in our storied team's history.  As someone who raced for our varsity team every single race during his 4 years at Albemarle, he was unique that he had a chance to make a strong impact his entire 4 years.  And man, did he take advantage of this.  

More than anything, Harris brought joy to the team and the sport.  This was joy in every aspect of being a cross country runner.  From competing in races to long runs to workouts to easy runs to drills to core, Harris was always having a blast.  And this attitude was infectious and felt by everyone. 

Right now, Harris is training with hopes of walking on to the Virginia Tech team this fall.  It makes me so happy that he is still training, but what really makes me happy is how much fun he is still having!


The PFP Pod: Sunday Edition #7

In this edition, we discuss:

  • The training for the week + our training

    • Mileage, long runs, workouts, hill sprints, core should all be progressing.

    • ​I will be sending out measured 1k loops around Darden Towe if you want a change of pace for your workout.​

    • Core videos coming (Thanks to the Naseh bros!)

    • Heat!  Please be smart and careful​

  • The King of the Mountain Challenge and all it's updates

  • Our weekly Zoom meetings this Wednesday will be at 8 pm

    • Ben Flanagan and Colin Bennie will be joining us. You can't miss this!

  • Thanks to everyone who has been contributing articles to the website!  We've had 18 current athletes/alumni.  We need more!


Top 3 Races...NCAA Championship Races

This week we got another great Top 3 Races!  2020 Albemarle graduate wrote this list, choosing to focus on NCAA Championship races.  He nails it as all three of these races are so much fun to watch for different reasons.  


Thanks Brett!

Click link to read and watch!


Personal Running Reflection with Zach Coffman

This week's personal reflection comes from Zach Coffman, a 2012 graduate of Albemarle.  As you might have guessed Zach is Coach Coffman's son.  Zach was a captain on our 2011 team that finished 2nd at states.  He then attended the Naval Academy and now is an infantry officer in the Marines.  Zach has been known to show up to practice and treat the boys to his famous "Coffman Core".  

This a great inside look on how the lessons of cross country can be used later in life, and in this case in a life in the military.  Thanks Zach for sharing!

Click link to read reflection


Top 5...Ways To Be Remembered

This week we have Mark Lorenzoni (my dad) give his top 5 ways to be remembered as a local cross country runner.  I don't think there is anyone that has been more tightly connected to the entire high school running community over the last 40 years.  Though he hasn't coached a high schooler in this time, he has directed 30+ years of Ragged Mountain Cup, been in charge of the finish line chutes of hundreds of high school races, organized the weekly Central Virginia Running poll, and built relationships through runners either working or shopping at Ragged Mountain.  This is a fun listen as we get to hear what makes this sport so special, especially at the local level.  Lots of history in here too!

Click link to listen to interview


History Lesson #6: Ms. Tyson

Another Albemarle history article, another great interview!  This week we are lucky to hear from our athletic director, Ms. Tyson.  I'm not sure how many of you realize how fortunate we are to have one of the best ADs in the entire state in Ms. Tyson.  The athletic department at Albemarle is as good as it gets, and we definitely have Ms. Tyson to thank for that!  For me personally, I feel incredibly lucky to have had her as a mentor over the past 8 years.  

In this interview, Ms. Tyson gives a message of support to all of you.  We get to hear about Ms. Tyson's past in sports and what led her to her current role at Albemarle.  I LOVED hearing about this.  We get to hear why she loves her job and what is so rewarding about high school sports.  We also get to hear about a few of her most memorable memories from her time at Albemarle.

Click link to listen to interview


Running Log #6: Simrat Saini

Super pumped to share this week's running log.  It comes from senior, Simrat Saini.  Simrat joined track as a freshman but didn't come out for cross country until his junior year.  We are so lucky he did!  Simrat is a great leader who always sets the perfect example for his teammates.  And he couldn't be a nicer guy!​

Simrat had a huge breakthrough this past indoor season.  We called him the time trial champion as he was either winning or up front in our time trials

Simrat was ready for a huge outdoor season but I'm excited because he has not skipped a beat with training and is ready for a great senior year!

Click Link to read Log


The PFP Pod: Sunday Edition #6

Here's the weekly Sunday Update Podcast.  In this edition, we discuss:

  • An update on practices for our team

  • The training for the week + our training

    • Workouts continue this week so we have detailed descriptions of these!​

  • The King of the Mountain Challenge and all it's updates

  • Our weekly Zoom meetings this Wednesday will be a race viewing party

    • The Bowerman Track Club, our country’s best team, held an intersquad meet this week.  They ran a women’s and men’s 5000m

  • Thanks to everyone who has been contributing articles to the website!

  • We discuss our team's responsibilities with a focus on belief.


Top 3...Meets that Austin Drumheller and Ty Herring look forward to

This week we have more current athletes sharing their top 3 races.  Austin Drumheller and Ty Herring share the cross country meets they look forward to the most.  Austin and Ty are both rising juniors and give a great overview and perspective of a lot of the meets we go to.  I loved hearing what they thought!


Personal Running Reflection with Coach Alba-Cantone

“Only a Sith deals in absolutes.” - Obi Wan Kenobi, Star Wars: Episode III 


The dubious cinematic quality of the 2nd Star Wars trilogy notwithstanding, this quote strongly resonates with me when I think about the effect that running has had on my life. 


I originally thought I would just roll out a litany of my failures as a runner and talk about how I learned from them. However, upon further reflection, I realized that this precisely has been my biggest struggle as an athlete and as a competitor.

Click link to read more!


Top 5...Albemarle Cross Country Moments

Harris Naseh, JD MacKnight, Will Mackenzie, and Sam Tamblre have had a massive impact on our program and it's culture of the past 4 years.  They were heavily involved in the '17 and '19 state championships and our 3rd place finish '18.  We were able to get Harris, JD, and Will to share their top 5 cross country moments over the past few years.  Sadly, Sam missed out because he wasn't feeling well.  This is worth a listen. We owe these boys ​so much and are so lucky to have had them leading our program the last few years.

Click link to listen to the interview!


History Lesson #5: Coach Buz

Another week, another great interview for our Albemarle History article.  Like last week, this is a huge treat as we get to hear from legend, Buz Male.  Buz has the label as one of the greatest coaches in Virginia high school history.  In his career, Buz coached at Episcopal High School, Langley High School, University of Virginia, Miller School, and Albemarle High School.  Through this interview we hear Buz's story from growing up in Charlottesville to his time at Albemarle High School.  We hear how Buz grew into the legendary coach he was at Albemarle High School.  

For me, this was really special because I can honestly say that, other than my family, no person has had a larger impact on my life than Buz.

Click link to listen to the interview!


Running Log #5: Austin McPhillips

This week is a fun one for me.  Austin McPhillips graduated from Albemarle in 2011.  I never got to coach Austin in high school but I remember my brother saying that Austin was one of the best captains he's every been around.  Austin is a true cross country runner.  He loves high mileage and the grinding long runs and never really loved the short stuff on the track.

I'm lucky to have been able to coach Austin over the past 2 years.  He is my first marathoner and I have had so much fun experimenting with him.  He is up for anything!  Once Covid hit this March and the Boston Marathon was cancelled, he even got his mileage up to 100 miles a week!

Click link to read Austin's log from last week!


The PFP Pod: Sunday Edition #5

Here's the weekly Sunday Update Podcast.  In this edition, we discuss:

  • The training for the week + our training

    • Workouts start this week so we have detailed descriptions of these!​

  • The King of the Mountain Challenge and all it's updates

  • Our weekly Zoom meetings this Wednesday will be a trivia contest

    • Top 3 get the PFP hat!

  • Some of you have begun writing articles and we need more of you!

  • We discuss our team's responsibilities with a focus on communication.​

Click link to listen!


Top 3 Races...Sprint Finishes in Long Distance Races

Another Top 3 and another article written by an athlete.  Thanks Daniel for the amazing article.  I thought I had seen all the distance races on Youtube but Daniel opened my eyes to some new ones here.  They are so much fun to watch!  A must read!

Click link to read Daniel's article!


Personal Running Reflection with Coach Lorenzoni

As your coach, I ask a lot of you.  And one of the biggest and most difficult asks is that you communicate clearly to me.  Not just about how you are feeling physically, but also how you are doing emotionally when it comes to your running.  I know this can be a lot and I'm always so proud to see how much all of you grow from your freshman to your senior year.  It makes me so happy.  To help you understand why I am the coach I am, I am going to give you a journey through my own running.  I warn you this is a long one as I have been obsessed with this sport for as long as I can remember.  It's also a little intense, but if you know me, that makes sense

Click Link to read more


Top 5...Hardest Hills in Charlottesville by Coach Resnick

I am entering my second week of the PFP Summer 2020 King of the Mountain Competition and boy are my legs feeling tired. Having lived in Charlottesville since 2005, I’ve spent many a run trying to find a route with the least amount of hills. But right now, I don’t know about you but I am seeking out the biggest baddest hills to try and take Sam and Daniel down (while dueling it out with Austin seemingly every other day). So, here is my list of the top 5 hills in Charlottesville. Come run them and you might just see me!

Click Link to read more


History Lesson #4: Coach Weisend Interview

Today's article might be my favorite yet.  For this history article, I interviewed former Albemarle coach, Lance Weisend.  Coach Weisend coached at Albemarle from 1983 to 2009, and he taught at Albemarle up until last school year.  There are many Albemarle cross country traditions that Weisend started that continue to this day.  Two of these traditions, camp at Graves Mountain Lodge and the course at Panorama Farms, are the main reason why a lot of you run cross country every year.  We discuss the origins of both of these traditions in detail.  I learned so much in this interview and know all of you will love this.  It is a must listen!!

Click Link to listen to the interview!


Running Log #4: Adrian Grubbs

This week I am so pumped as we have another athlete sharing their log.  For this week, it's Adrian Grubbs, a junior on the team!  Adrian has had quite the journey with his own running over the past year as he has had to deal with injuries.  Slowly, but surely, Adrian has worked his way back and is now at a place where he has never been before as his mileage is above 40 miles a week!  

I have been so impressed with Adrian's discipline over this time and I can't wait to see it pay off.  Adrian will be the first to tell you that he has fallen in love with running by himself.  I love it!

Click Link to read Adrian's Log!


The PFP Pod: Sunday Edition #4

Here's the weekly Sunday Update Podcast.  In this edition, we discuss:

  • The training for the week + our training

  • The King of the Mountain Challenge and all it's updates

  • Our weekly Zoom meetings will start this Wednesday at 8:30 pm

  • Some of you have begun writing articles and we need more of you!

  • We discuss our team's responsibilities with a focus on positivity.

    • How can you "win" each day!

Click Link to Listen!


Top 3...800m Kicks by Brian Teweles

This week's top 3 might be my favorite yet.  Brian discusses what he considers the top 3 800 meter kicks of all time.  The 800m lends itself to epic kicks and Brian is spot on with this list!  Enjoy!

Thanks Brian!  These races are amazing!

Click link to read about and watch the 3 kicks!


Personal Running Reflection with Zach Gentry

This week's personal reflection comes from Zach Gentry, a 2015 graduate of Albemarle.  I have not logged more miles with an athlete than I have with Zach Gentry. Zach finished 2nd in the 3200m at the 2005 Indoor state meet and was a part of the 2014 4x800m state championship relay.  

Zach went onto a successful collegiate career at Oklahoma.

Click image to read how Zach was able to learn through the struggles he encountered in his running career!


Top 5...Workouts with Joe Yung and Stephen Smith

Stephen Smith and Joe Yung sit down with Coach Lorenzoni and Coach Resnick to discuss their top 5 workouts.  This was so much fun to do and we loved hearing how Stephen and Joe ranked them.  Listen to the podcast below to hear their top 5!  Video footage of top 2 also included!

Click link to listen to the interview!


History Lesson #3: All the athlete made docs!

I'm still working on scheduling interviews with coaches to discuss Albemarle history.  For the time being, I'll share the student made videos of the past 3 years.  The first, which I've already shared, is the documentary about our 2017 season.  I love it so much.  The next four are from last season and were made by our seniors.  Enjoy!  who wants to keep this tradition going?!

Click link below to watch the videos!


Running Log #3: Coach Lorenzoni

Over the next couple of weeks, I hope you guys begin to start writing these and sharing your own training.  Until we get submissions from some of you, you're going to have to keep reading about your coaches' training...​

Click link below to read more about Coach Lorenzoni's training and to read his log from last week.


The PFP Pod: Sunday Edition #3

Here's the weekly Sunday Update Podcast.  In this edition, we discuss:

  • The training for the week + our training

  • The app Strava and our new elevation challenge!

  • Our weekly Zoom meetings will start this Wednesday at 8:30 pm

  • We are still looking for some of you to write articles

  • We discuss our team's responsibilities with a focus on discipline

    • ​Time to start stacking days on days, weeks on weeks.

Click link below listen to the pod


Top 3 Races...Drew Hunter Edition

This week we decided to discuss our favorite Drew Hunter races with our own video.  We got kinda carried away as our video ended up being 45 minutes long and we did much more than 3 races.  We are obviously big fans of Drew!  If you don't know who Drew is, he is one of Virginia and our countries best high school runners of all time.  He went to Loudoun Valley High School and he went pro with Adidas immediately following high school.  He is one of the founding members of Tinman Elite, which is based in Boulder, Colorado.

Sorry for the poor production value!  I think I need some headphones with a mic or maybe it's better you can't hear me during the races.

Follow Tinman Elite on Youtube and Instagram!

Click link to watch our video looking at our favorite Drew races!


Personal Running Reflection with Ryan Thomas

This week's personal reflection comes from Ryan Thomas, a 2014 graduate of Albemarle.  Ryan might be the most talented runner I have worked with at Albemarle.  As a freshman, Ryan finished 1st in the 9th grade mile at New Balance Indoor Nationals with a 4:26.  By sophomore year in high school, his PR for the full mile was 4:13.85.  Though Ryan has an endless list of accomplishments from his time at Albemarle, including 2 individual state titles, it was the leadership he brought everyday to practice that was the most important.  During his 4 years running cross country, the team finished 3rd  twice and 2nd once!  He also anchored the our 4x800m to the 2014 outdoor state title.  No way the boys were going to lose that race with him running 1:52!

Click link to read Ryan's personal running reflection.


Top 5...Coach Lorenzoni's Top 5 Running Documentaries

I love documentaries!  As a teacher and coach, I try to come up with any excuse to show any type of documentary to my student and athletes.  Specifically, I love being able to get an inside look at people who have reached the top of their respective fields.  I found it so interesting and inspiring!  There are countless running documentaries that have been made over the years, and in my opinion, any running documentary is worth a watch.  The list below are five that I really enjoy and I find all of them very inspirational.  

Hope you find some time to watch these and many more.  I would love to hear your top 5 list as I bet each of ours are different!

Click link to read the list.


History Lesson #2: Podcast w/ 2017 top 7 two days after their state championship

As I schedule interviews with old Albemarle coaches and alumni for history articles, this amazing podcast will have to do for this week.

  • Technically the 2nd episode of Coach Lorenzoni and Coach Alba-Cantone's short lived Run The Schools Podcast.  Sorry for the first five minutes!

  • We interviewed our top 7 two days after they won the school's first cross country state title

  • The boys responses to our questions are amazing

  • It's especially fun to look back at our recently graduated seniors responses as young sophomores.  We owe this whole top 7 so much!

Click link to listen to interview!


Running Log #2: Coach Alba-Cantone

The coaching staff has dubbed this season #SummerOfAMillionPRs because, well, we intend to run personal bests roughly a million times. Give or take. It’s been awesome to see Coach Lorenzoni and Coach Rez building up their mileage and crushing some workouts. We’re getting there!

This was officially RACE WEEK for me, which is an unfamiliar experience. My greatest joy as a coach is rabbiting all of you beasts in workouts and time trials, so prepping for a race where I would be soloing around the track was a serious mindset shift. What was I going to do on lap 4 without the man, the myth, the legend Brian Teweles breathing down my neck?

Click link to read Coach Alba-Cantone's Log


The PFP Pod: Sunday Edition #2

Here's the weekly Sunday Update Podcast.  In this edition, we discuss:

  • The training for the week

  • The app Strava and our new Club for this year's team

  • Our weekly Zoom meetings

  • Plus we want you to write some of the daily articles!

  • Coach Nagel gives a lesson on mindfulness

    • Check out insight timer app and ​calm app

Click link to listen.


Top 3 Local Races with Coach Resnick (Local Road Race Edition)

Every week we are going to try and give you a list of top three races. For me, races are the most exciting part of our sport. Some weeks we will feature races with American records. Some lists will include Albemarle athlete top finishes. Some may even see our own personal bests and experiences. To kick everything off, I wanted to start with my top three favorite local races. Hopefully you can picture running in these places and I’ve attached links to current race maps so you can check out the courses yourself!

Click link to read more about Coach Resnick's favorite 3 local road races.


Personal Running Reflection with Adam Visokay

This week's personal reflection comes from Adam Visokay, one of Albemarle's all time greats!  Adam's high school PRs were 8:56 for the 3200m and 4:13 for the 1600m.  He finished 3rd at XC States and won two 3200m state titles in outdoor and indoor track.  He qualified individually for the Nike Cross National Meet where he finished 10th in the country!  He finished runner up in the 2 Mile at New Balance Indoor Nationals, only finishing behind Edward Cheserek who is considered maybe the most dominant distance runner in NCAA history.  

He ran for UVA, where he was All ACC in the steeplechase and All American in the 10,000 meters.  After graduating from UVA he had one more year of eligibility which he used at Syracuse.  Syracuse is one of the best distance programs in the country!  In college, he had PRs of 7:54 for 3000m, which converts to around 8:30 for 2 miles, 8:43 for the 3000m steeplechase, 14:07 for the 5,000m, and 29:11 for the 10,000m.

Click link to read more about Adam and see his personal log and reflection.


Top 5...Coach Alba-Cantone's Top 5 Reasons to Crush Some Summer Training

Summer running is GLORIOUS. When temperature AND humidity start to creep into the 80s and 90s, you know you’re there. When you completely drench your shirt in sweat and you’re barely out the door, you know you’re there. When you finish your long run at 7 AM and laze around the house for the rest of the day, you know you’re there.

 Summer training has always been my favorite part of the cross country season (other than competing for ‘ships, of course). While our summer training is completely optional, it’s a great opportunity to go back to the basics if you’re a returning runner, or to get ready for your first fall with the Patriots XC team if you’re a newbie. Building a strong base for the fall season is also super important when it comes to progressing as an athlete; EVERY successful runner will attest to this. These are my Top 5 favorite parts of summer running. Let us know if you have anything else to add to this list!

Click link to see Coach Alba-Cantone's Top 5...


History Lesson #1: The Run ('17 to present)

Over the past 3 years the boys have been on a special run.  They won the school's 1st cross country team state title in 2017, finished 3rd in 2018, and won the school's 2nd title in 2019.  In '17 the boys won in a massive upset of Deep Run, in '18 the roles were flipped as Deep Run beat us in a massive upset, and in '19 the boys won in the most dominating victory in 5A history.  Coincidentally, I started sending out updates to alumni after each race during the fall of '17 and have continued to do so for every race since then.  Below are the reports that I sent out to alumni after the last three state meets.  Since I haven't been able to link up with an alumni or former coach yet to do a history article, I figured I would just share these three reports with you so you can relive these last three state meets.  Each of these seasons and meets that have taught all of us so much.  It really has been the dream.

I'm so excited to watch you guys keep this run going and put your on stamp on Albemarle's history!


Running Log #1: Stephen Smith (Rising Senior)

Click link for Stephen Smith's log for the week of May 31st through June 6th.  Stephen, or Stevo as we like to call him, is a rising senior on this year's squad.  He and Joe Yung have a chance to be one of the best 1-2 punches in school and 5A history.  Last fall, Stevo finished 7th at the 5A State XC Meet and is the #2 returner from the meet.  Stevo has not missed a single day of training since covid hit and he has run every single day on his own.  He has brought his 1600m PR down to 4:33.  There was even at least a week period in between when the outdoor plan ended and last week, when Stevo was coming up with his own training!


The PFP Pod: Sunday Edition #1

Here's our first Sunday Update Podcast.  We will be releasing these every Sunday to go over the training for the week and give a tip.  Sorry for this being a day late.  The recording was lost on my computer last night but it was found!  This week's includes Coach Resnick and Coach Alba-Cantone and we discuss our own training, the beginning of summer training, and the importance of consistency and patience.  


Summer of 2020: PFP Style!

Since we can't be together in person this summer, we have decided to release a daily article to the team.  Each day of the week, except Saturday, will have a specific theme.  We are super excited for this.  We know we can't completely replicate the experience of actual practice but we are going to do try our best to do so!

*Side note, PFP stands for The Panorama Farms Project, our running club that has current athletes, alumni, coaches, and even parents as members.

Core and Drills with Farhad and Harris Naseh

Harris and Farhad Naseh have filmed themselves doing our core and drill routine since we have not been able to demonstrate these in person.  They did an amazing job with this!

07/20: Darden Towe 1000m Loops

Since we aren't able to meet at the farm, we thought it would be fun to have some measured 1000m courses that you can use for your workouts on your own.  Obviously, you don't have to do this but if you are missing the grass here are some good options from Darden Towe Park.  Remember, please don't stress about times with these and only worry about effort, which should be tempo effort.  So, comfortably hard but completely under control!

Zoom Hangout w/ Ben Flanagan & Colin Bennie

Mark next Wednesday on your calendars.  This is a can't miss!  Joining us for our team zoom will be Reebok Track Club athletes and NCAA Champions, Ben Flanagan and Colin Bennie.  We are so lucky to have Reebok's pro team based in town, which is officially known as the Reebok Boston Track Club.  This team is coached by the old Syracuse coach, Chris Fox, and features many world class athletes.  They also frequently practice at Albemarle. Not only are Ben and Colin incredible runners who have a lot to share with each of you, they are also two of the nicest guys around.  All of you upperclassmen know Colin as he was on our coaching staff in 2018!

06/28: Places to Run

One of my favorite parts of my running is it allows me to explore this beautiful county we live in.  Over the past few months, I've run on miles of gravel roads that I had no idea existed.  It seems like each week I run a new road and see a new view.  Also, if you are looking for hills, a lot of these roads will fill that requirement. 

06/26: Updated King of the Mountain

Everyone who has a score above 60 by the end of the summer will receive a comfort color tank. The winner receive both the jersey and the tank.

06/23: King of the Mountain

Click link below to read about our exciting competition and how you can win a PFP cycling jersey.

06/03: Updated Physical

Make sure you have an updated physical by July 1st, which is when last school year's runs out.

06/03: Summer Core Plan

Here is the core plan you can follow for the summer.  

06/03: Summer Running Plan

Here is the running plan you can follow for the summer.  Make sure to ask Coach Lorenzoni which mileage group you are in. 

06/03: Summer Running Info

Here is info about the summer conditioning.

06/03: Personal Log

Create a copy of this log to track your own personal running.  You can share with Coach Lorenzoni, but most importantly it allows you reflect on your own running.

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