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Darden Towe 1000m Loops

Directions to Darden Towe Park

Since we aren't able to meet at the farm, we thought it would be fun to have some measured 1000m courses that you can use for your workouts on your own.  Obviously, you don't have to do this but if you are missing the grass here are some good options from Darden Towe Park.  Remember, please don't stress about times with these and only worry about effort, which should be tempo effort.  So, comfortably hard but completely under control!

Loop 1

Exact location of loop

DT 1kLoop.1.PNG

Description: This loop starts and finishes on the top soccer field.  Has some rolling sections in the back trail and one sharp almost 180 degree turn.

  1. Start: It starts at the bleachers closest to the bathrooms.  You should start at the end closes to the bathrooms.  

  2. Run along the perimeter of the field.  You will take two 90 degree turns.

  3. You will run up to a tree, almost directly across the field from where you started.  About 10 meters before the tree turn left and run straight for the trail in front of you.

  4. Stay on the middle trail, don't take the first left, for a little over 400 meters.  

  5. You will take a sharp right turn, almost 108 degrees, onto a new trail.

  6. Right passed the 800 meter mark you will take a left back onto the soccer fields.  

  7. Run directly towards the white shed.

  8. Turn right towards the start directly in front of the shed.

  9. Finish: 10 meters beyond the green boxes on your left.


Start is the bleachers in the back of the picture.  Finish is 10 meters past the green boxes on the left side of picture.

Loop 2

Exact location of loop

DT 1kLoop.2.PNG

Description: This loop starts and finishes in the field by the tennis courts where the cross country course starts.  The first straight away has longer grass but it is manageable.  It does have more hills but less sharp turns.  

  1. Start: It right next to the road.  Right now there is a sign set up with cones and it starts there.    

  2. Run straight through all the electrical poles until you pass under the last one.

  3. Turn right and run towards the Darden Towe entrance.  Stay on the left side of the entrance sign and the rocks. Turn right to follow along the road.

  4. Run in the grass alongside the road.  For most of this time you should be elevated above the road.  Keep all the trees on your right. 

  5. Keep the trees on your right and the road directly on your left.  Turn with the road back towards the start.

  6. Turn right at the entrance to the road up to the tennis court.  Run directly along side the road.  It should be on your left still.

  7. Finish: There will be a circle in the electrical line right above the road.  This is where you should stop


Sign that you should start at.


Loop in the wire you should end at

Loop 3 (not a loop...)

Exact location of loop

DT 1kLoop.3.PNG

Description: This course is at the bottom of the park and goes outside of the park along the river.  It is not a loop so you will do a 1000m out and then a 1000m back.  It's all pavement and a little more crowded than the other two loops.  

  1. Start: At the entrance to the parking lot that's along the river.  This is the parking lot that's actually in Darden Towe Park  

  2. These directions are simple as you follow the path for 1000m

  3. Finish: Right when you pass the two rocks that are on either side of the path.  This is right before you go under the bridge.


Intersection you should start at


Two rocks that you should finish at

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