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Zoom Hangout with NCAA Champions Ben Flanagan and Colin Bennie!

Thanks to everyone who came to the Zoom to hangout with Ben and Colin.  Sadly, I forgot to start recording at the beginning of our Zoom hangout, so the recording missed the first 20 minutes of the interview.  I'm really sorry about this!  I was just too pumped to have both of them hanging out with us all! 


In this lost segment, Ben and Colin discussed their introduction to the sport and how they progressed during their high school years.  Ben, who grew up in Canada, had PRs around 4:09 and 8:56.  Colin, who grew up in Massachusetts, had PRs of 4:14 and 9:07.  Ben and Colin both discuss how the transition to college was humbling and forced them to mature in how they approached the sport.  They both learned from their older teammates and coaches on how to think more long term and how to handle the ups and downs of a running career.


The interview picks up with how they approach goals in college.  They then discuss their life as a pro here in Charlottesville plus much more.  


Man, this was a lot of fun!  We were very lucky to have them share their time with us.

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Mark next Wednesday on your calendars.  This is a can'tt miss!  Joining us for our team zoom will be Reebok Track Club athletes and NCAA champions, Ben Flanagan and Colin Bennie.  We are so lucky to have Reebok's pro team based in town, which is officially known as the Reebok Boston Track Club.  This team is coached by the old Syracuse coach, Chris Fox, and features many world class athletes.  They also frequently practice at Albemarle. Not only are Ben and Colin incredible runners who have a lot to share with each of you, they are also two of the nicest guys around.  All of you upperclassmen know Colin as he was on our coaching staff in 2018!


Ben celebrating his NCAA Championship!

Ben Flanagan

Ben is one of Canada's top distance runners and he has his eyes set on making their Olympic team next summer.  His main events are the long distance track races.  In 2018, he was the outdoor NCAA champion in the 10k.  The video of the race is below.  He became well known for his celebration after winning where he immediately said "Where's my mom?"  A few months later he won the Falmouth Road Race.  I'd say he's pretty good at celebrations!

Ben has PRs of 3:57 for the mile, 13:31 for the 5k, and 28:19 for 10k.  

Colin finishing 9th in the US Olympic Marathon Trials


Colin Bennie

Colin is one of America's best young marathoners.  Before that he was a part of Syracuse's dominant cross country and track teams.  In 2015, Colin finished 8th at the NCAA Cross Country Championship to help lead Syracuse to the team NCAA title.  Recently, Colin finished 9th at the US Marathon Olympic Trials, running 2:12 in his marathon debut.  This is a crazy 5:02 pace for the 26.2 miles!

Colin has PRs of 13:38 for the 5k, 28:37 for 10k, and 2:12 for the marathon.


Link to the 2015 NCAA Cross Country Championship where Syracuse won the national championship. 

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