History Lesson #4: Coach Weisend Interview

Today's article might be my favorite yet.  For this history article, I interviewed former Albemarle coach, Lance Weisend.  Coach Weisend coached at Albemarle from 1983 to 2009, and he taught at Albemarle up until last school year.  There are many Albemarle cross country traditions that Weisend started that continue to this day.  Two of these traditions, camp at Graves Mountain Lodge and the course at Panorama Farms, are the main reason why a lot of you run cross country every year.  We discuss the origins of both of these traditions in detail.  I learned so much in this interview and know all of you will love this.  It is a must listen!!

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History Lesson #3: All the athlete made docs!

I'm still working on scheduling interviews with coaches to discuss Albemarle history.  For the time being, I'll share the student made videos of the past 3 years.  The first, which I've already shared, is the documentary about our 2017 season.  I love it so much.  The next four are from last season and were made by our seniors.  Enjoy!  who wants to keep this tradition going?!

Dedicated: Albemarle Cross Country  

The story of the 2017 Albemarle Boys Cross Country team.  

Albemarle Cross Country | Summer Workout

An inside look at a summer practice from July 2019

Albemarle Cross Country | Summer 5k and Camp

Watch the '19 boys team as they work through their first week of offical practice!

Albemarle Cross Country | Ragged Mountain Cup

The '19 team takes on the Ragged Mountain Cup on August 27, 2019. The Cup is a 4x2mile relay race hosted at our beautiful Panorama Farms.

Albemarle Cross Country | Oatlands Invitational

The '19 team goes to Leesburg Virginia for the Oatlands Invitational. There are 3 races: Upper JV, Varsity, and Underclass JV.



History Lesson #2: Podcast w/ 2017 top 7 two days after their state championship

As I schedule interviews with old Albemarle coaches and alumni for history articles, this amazing podcast will have to do for this week.

  • Technically the 2nd episode of Coach Lorenzoni and Coach Alba-Cantone's short lived Run The Schools Podcast.  Sorry for the first 5 minutes!

  • We interviewed our top 7 two days after they won the school's first cross country state title

  • The boys responses to our questions are amazing

  • It's especially fun to look back at our recently graduated seniors responses as young sophomores.  We owe this whole top 7 so much!



Over the past 3 years the boys have been on a special run.  They won the school's 1st cross country team state title in 2017, finished 3rd in 2018, and won the school's 2nd title in 2019.  In '17 the boys won in a massive upset of Deep Run, in '18 the roles were flipped as Deep Run beat us in a massive upset, and in '19 the boys won in the most dominating victory in 5A history.  Coincidentally, I started sending out updates to alumni after each race during the fall of '17 and have continued to do so for every race since then.  Below are the reports that I sent out to alumni after the last three state meets.  Since I haven't been able to link up with an alumni or former coach yet to do a history article, I figured I would just share these three reports with you so you can relive these last three state meets.  Each of these seasons and meets that have taught all of us so much.  It really has been the dream.

I'm so excited to watch you guys keep this run going and put your own stamp on Albemarle's history!

Also, if you click the Overall Albemarle History link below you can look at Albemarle's history at the state and regional meet.  You can also see our top 100 lists for the 2 mile course at the Ragged Mountain Cup, the 5k course at Panorama Farms, the 5k course at WakeMed in Cary, NC, and the state meet 5k course at Great Plains.  Thinking about where you want to be on this list is a great motivator as you begin your summer training.

History Lesson #1: The Run ('17 to present)

Adam outkicking two opponents in the last 400m of the AAA XC State Championships

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