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Summer of 2020: PFP Style!


This summer we have decided to release a daily article to the team.  Each day of the week, except Saturday, will have a specific theme.  We are super excited for this.  We know we can't completely replicate the experience of actual practice but we are going to do try our best to do so!

*Side note, PFP stands for The Panorama Farms Project, our running club that has current athletes, alumni, coaches, and even parents as members.

Weekly Schedule of Articles:


  • Monday: Weekly running log from an Albemarle runner.  This can be a current athlete or even an alumni.

  • Tuesday: Article on Albemarle History

  • Wednesday: Top 5 running...Topic can be whatever author desires!

  • Thursday: Personal running reflection.  This is wide open and will allow us to learn from each other's experiences.

  • Friday: Top 3 races...Can be personal races, Olympic races, cross country races, NCAA races, etc.  This will be up to the author's imagination!

  • Saturday: Off

  • Sunday: Coach Podcast.  We will discuss the purpose of the training for the week and give a weekly tip.

If you want to write one of these articles, please reach out to Coach Lorenzoni.  I've already started reaching out to alumni and former coaches.

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