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Core and Drills with Harris and Farhad Naseh

Harris and Farhad Naseh have filmed themselves doing our core and drill routine since we have not been able to demonstrate these in person.  They did an amazing job with this!


Of the extra things we add to your running the core routine is one of the most important as it has a big impact in injury prevention.  Most of the core is focused on hip strength and hip mobility.  Farhad does a great job of showing you the correct form for these exercises.  You should do this after runs and the days you should do it is on the summer conditioning plan.  


Another very important extra thing we do are running drills.  There are two different times you do these drills.  Either after a run and right before strides or before a workout/hill sprints.  The drills are reinforcing aspects of the running form you should have.  But more than anything, it works on the neuromuscular aspect of your training, basically the connection between your legs and your brain.  Running is a skill and you need to repeat it over and over again.

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